Our condolences go out to Jeremy Brooks’ family and the Santa Fe community as he was identified as one of the victims of Sunday’s plane crash in Moscow. Jeremy was an active member of his community, having attended Santa Fe Prep and staying engaged with the school by leading fly-fishing expeditions and tutoring Breakthrough Santa Fe students. 

Jim Leonard, head of Santa Fe Prep, said “Jeremy had uncanny intelligence and genuine warmth across all dimensions: with his peers as a student at Prep, with the (sometimes much) older people he guided on fly-fishing expeditions, with younger students he tutored in Breakthrough Santa Fe, and even with the adults at Prep fortunate enough to work with him in the classroom… he was wise beyond his years.”

Our hearts go out to Jeremy and his family and we are so grateful for his support. 

Read more about Jeremy in Amir Vera and Marlena Baldacci’s article for CNN. 

May 2019

Image courtesy of CNN