We’re proud to share an article published by Breakthrough Silicon Valley Executive Director John Hiester, in which he considers the necessity of organizations like Breakthrough in today’s education landscape. Speaking of last month’s college admissions scandal, John writes, “in San Jose alone, there are tens of thousands of young people who could become leaders of a more dynamic, innovative, and just community, but only if we give them a fair chance. For 16 years, Breakthrough Silicon Valley has committed to supporting these students as they create better futures for themselves and for us all.” 

Faced with obstacles their peers may not experience, Breakthrough Silicon Valley students rise to the challenge and persist – and with remarkable results. At Breakthrough Silicon Valley, “nearly 90% of [their] graduates enroll directly into a four-year college after high school and 98% of [their] alumni have graduated from college or are on-track to graduate within six years.” Not only are these students leaders in their communities, they are also paving the way for other first-generation students to succeed and achieve their goals. 

We are so excited to see the amazing things these students go on to do. 

Read their full statement here

April 2019 

Image courtesy of Breakthrough Silicon Valley