Breakthrough Collaborative was mentioned as a leading organization in educational equity in a recent article published by Forbes about this month’s college admission scandal. Journalist Peg Tyre discusses the need to change the college admission process with Cynthia Rivera Weissblum, CEO of the Edwin Gould Foundation. Affirming the potential of students from low and middle-income families, Rivera Weissblum states: “these young people may not come from rich families, or have parents who can buy them an SAT ringer to take their entrance exam, but they are primed, eager and more than able. But it’s up to elite colleges and universities to admit these deserving students in greater numbers.” She brings up the value of Breakthrough and other organizations whose aim is to clear a pathway for hard-working, ambitious students who have to sacrifice more than their peers to get into college. 

Thank you all for helping us break down barriers for deserving students! 

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March 2019 

Cover Image courtesy of Breakthrough Silicon Valley