Breakthrough Houston is excited and thankful for the 14 returning teachers who chose to spend another summer in Houston creating life-changing experiences for Breakthrough’s middle school students.

Alejandra Gonzalez-Rizo, Isabel Karohl, Nikita Dias, Ashley McDonald, Adrian Pachuca, Kathryn Powell, Elliot Ross, Xitlalli Vazquez, Chris Brown, Brea Groce, Julliet Ogu, Sindhura Vadlamani, Jim Zhang, and Joanna Zamarripa have spent orientation sharing their enthusiasm, passion, and creativity with BTH’s exceptional batch of teachers.

When asked why he returned to Breakthrough this summer, Chris Brown said, “The ability for me to grow and practice as an educator is the essence of what makes the program so phenomenal. In my heart of hearts, I just knew that another Breakthrough summer would afford me the tools to best serve my future students in the most creative and effective way possible.”

These returning teachers represent some wonderful schools including:

Rice University
University of Texas
University of North Texas
University of Virginia
University of Delaware
Colby College
Ball State University
Barnard College
Scripps College
Sam Houston State University
South Carolina State University

Breakthrough Houston 2018