Breakthrough Collaborative has been awarded a $200,225 AmeriCorps planning grant to work with a coalition of affiliates, including Breakthrough Summerbridge, Breakthrough San Francisco, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano, Breakthrough Minneapolis, and Breakthrough Greater Boston, to collectively plan and prepare a FY24 AmeriCorps national operational grant application. AmeriCorps is at the heart of our strategy to professionalize the pathway into teaching and ensure a sustainable start to a career in education for our Teaching Fellows, and this planning grant represents the next step towards our long-term goal of expanding AmeriCorps across all Breakthrough affiliates in order to strengthen the value proposition of our Teaching Fellowship. AmeriCorps funding is also a key component of our effort to advance financial sustainability at Breakthrough Collaborative. 

This national-level AmeriCorps grant co-exists with multiple state-level grants supporting AmeriCorps programs at multiple affiliates. We are grateful for the pioneering work by these affiliates that set our National Office up to be competitive in pursuing AmeriCorps at a national level. 

AmeriCorps’ public announcement: