As the summer gets underway, Breakthrough National is wrapping up our fiscal year. In order to be a learning organization that is performance-driven, we are fostering continuous improvement, setting clear and measurable goals, and holding ourselves accountable for achieving high-quality outcomes. At the same time, we are working to cultivate a culture where staff feel supported and committed to bringing their best.

The first year of our strategic plan was marked by substantial progress and valuable learning. Across our four core priorities—Empowering Future Teachers & Leaders, Equipping Students for College Success, Building Capacity & Strengthening Supports, and Scaling & Driving Impact—we have successfully advanced numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing how we support students, Teaching Fellows, and our affiliate network.

Here are a few successes within each priority: 

  • Priority 1: Empowering Future Teachers & Leaders: We completed the Breakthrough Teaching Rubric (BTR) with 96% affiliate adoption, enhancing the instructional experiences and support provided to Teaching Fellows.
  • Priority 2: Equipping Students for College Success: With the support of the College Success Pilot group, we drafted and circulated the college success toolkit to support sites interested in expanding programming into college.
  • Priority 3: Building Capacity & Strengthening Supports: We laid groundwork to become a Center of Excellence, launching the AmeriCorps National Grant pilot, which led to funding that will cover 75% of Teaching Fellow stipends at the five sites covered by the initial grant program.
  • Priority 4: Scaling & Driving Impact: We launched and onboarded Breakthrough Louisville into the Collaborative as our 25th and newest site.

We are proud of the strides made this year and are committed to building on this success. As we move into the next fiscal year, we remain committed to driving meaningful change and achieving even greater milestones in the next fiscal year.