At Breakthrough Collaborative, we’re on a mission to build vibrant communities that celebrate and value the unique contributions that each individual brings. We are committed to advancing educational equity in service of our students & families, Teaching Fellows, staff, and affiliates.

As we begin a new year of impact, we are inspired by the following values that propel our work every day and define the fabric of our community. 

Equity & Opportunity: At Breakthrough, we are committed to intentionally creating communities that represent a wide diversity of identities including, but not limited to race, gender identity, class, ability, citizenship, sexual orientation, and religion. We strive to address educational inequity by providing resources, support, and opportunities for our communities of students and families, teaching fellows, staff, and leaders. We aim higher than an atmosphere of tolerance and instead strive to make our community inclusive through a foundation of love and respect.

Lifelong Learning: At Breakthrough, we create an environment that celebrates curiosity and fosters lifelong learners who embrace the growth mindset, both professionally and personally.

Collaboration & Community: At Breakthrough, we invest in the experience and success of others and recognize that all community members have wisdom and expertise that enriches and moves our work forward. We work together as a team to accomplish what is needed. We know that substantive change and growth happen when we operate under the assumption that everyone has much to learn and much to teach. This mindset amplifies the leadership potential in all of its constituents, thereby benefiting the local, national, and global communities we live in.

Student Centeredness: At Breakthrough, students are our first priority and decision-making centers around what benefits them, first and foremost. We approach our students’ experiences and goals with humility and curiosity, honoring their agency as individuals on unique self-determined pathways toward self-defined goals.

Persistence: Our work and growth frequently requires stepping outside of our comfort zones, and often in the face of individual and systemic obstacles. We push ourselves and support others to continue until our work is finished.

Excellence: At Breakthrough, we set high expectations for ourselves and others. We strive to give and receive feedback, and evaluate our work regularly to grow our practice and impact. We recognize and value where we have come from and push ourselves to raise the bar of excellence every day.

Spirit: Fun, energy, joy, and celebration are necessary components of our Breakthrough experience as they enhance our learning, build community, and sustain and motivate us in our hard work.