Figuring out how to pay for college is a struggle most students face. Breakthrough Atlanta alumna Victoria Lamar has cracked that code, though, and is sharing what she’s learned with others. After being introduced to scholarships at Breakthrough Atlanta, Victoria applied to numerous opportunities and was awarded $3 million to ensure that she’ll graduate without debt. As CEO of Securing Degrees Debt Free, she’s now teaching other students to do the same. Victoria hosts seminars teaching students and their families the skills necessary to tell their stories and successfully apply for scholarships. 

Now a first-year psychology and neuroscience major at the University of San Francisco, Victoria credits Breakthrough for helping her become comfortable with public speaking and communication. She recognizes the impact that it has on its students saying, “Being able to impact and influence a student will result in a chain reaction [and] plant seeds for the next generation.” These are values she certainly practices in helping other students obtain degrees without debt. 

Learn more about Victoria’s business here. If you’re interested in attending Victoria’s upcoming seminar in Atlanta, see registration details here

July 2019 

Image Courtesy of LinkedIn