Spend a Summer Teaching; Spend a Lifetime Leading. Teach at Breakthrough. 

Breakthrough offers one of the greatest opportunities in the country for you to assume leadership and to practice creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving. Breakthrough recruits college students from across the US, including the top twenty most competitive universities, historically black Universities, and all the Ivy League schools. The application process requires prospective teachers to submit essays, a sample teaching video, transcripts and a recommendation. Applicants who progress to the final round are invited for an interview.

What training will I receive?

Breakthrough will train you for two weeks in a research-based, data-driven common model of instruction for effective lesson planning, instructional strategies, and classroom management. You will learn how to develop and task analyze measurable objectives, teach to multiple modalities in small cycles or chunks, overtly engage 100% of the students with the objective every three to five minutes, gradually release responsibility through carefully scaffolded practice and establish rules, routines and high standards for classroom behavior. The training provides aligned templates and curricula. You will learn and regularly engage in collaborative lesson study, developing habits of data-driven instruction in your academic department, which functions as highly effective professional learning communities. You will also learn how to conference with parents and assess student learning.

Who should apply?

Ideal candidates to Breakthrough are committed to the mission. They believe it is unconscionable that millions of hard-working students across the country are denied access to the best educational opportunities simply because they are low-income. They believe it is their responsibility to use the opportunities they have been given to create opportunities for others. As a result, they are inspired and inspiring. They are also extremely persistent and hard-working, which is why they are academically successful and are current and future leaders. The days at Breakthrough are demanding; the hours are long; the work is hard. But the rewards—teaching incredibly motivated, hard-working, low-income students who want to grow up to go to a four-year college just like their teachers; working alongside the most caring, committed and passionate college and high-school students from across the country to close the opportunity and achievement gaps for a generation of young people; and receiving personal guidance, feedback and support from instructional coaches—are unparalleled. You do not have to have any teaching skills to teach at Breakthrough; we know how to teach people how to teach, but you have to want to do this work—to be with our students, to work collaboratively with your colleagues, and to grow in an intense, fast-paced, nurturing environment. If this describes you, click here to learn more about applying.

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