"Did Breakthrough help you get to where you are now? Absolutely! After teaching at Breakthrough, I began to seriously re-think my career plans. At the time I was in business school as an undergrad and was planning on heading off to some sort of business or consulting job. All that changedI started to feel that education was a lot more meaningful for me, and that it drew on my strengths more directly than the business world."

Chris Balme, co-director (and co-founder) for the Spark Program (Teacher Summer 2002 UHS)

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Did you know our alumni network is over 40,000 strong?

Since 1978 Breakthrough students have entered and graduated from college and gone on to build outstanding careers. Many have also risen to attain rewarding teaching positions, to found schools and education non-profits, to serve as principals and to contribute in other ways to education reform. 

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