Vanessa Morales, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano

Vanessa Morales, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano

Name: Vanessa Morales
Breakthrough Program: Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano
Subject Teaching: 7th Grade Math
School Attending/Year: Rice University, Class of 2012

We have 3 days left of orientation and I have learned a lot!

Even though this is my first time with BT, I arrived with some background information on teaching and was aware that I should incorporate a variety of methods of teaching for auditory, visual and verbal learners. However, all of the instructional material covered in BT so far has made it sooo much clearer for me!

We have went over the “See, Say, Do” model and “Structured Practice, Guided Practice and Independent Practices.” Our mentor teachers have helped us organize all of this information so well and have helped us incorporate it in all of our lesson plans. It can seem like a lot of work at times but it’s well worth it. I’m sure once we get the hang of it, everything will go much smoother.

Class starts on Monday and we are so busy!!! Yet, I love it! We are busy with lesson planning, decorating our classrooms, organizing committees for various activities and outreach projects with the BT students throughout the summer session. It’s hard to believe that my fellow teachers and I have only met about a week ago, we’ve grown close already.

Everything is getting busier but I’m very excited for our BT students to arrive soon!